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NYC COVID-19 Financial Solidarity

for Formerly Incarcerated People

and Their Families Mutual Aid Project

Since beginning this fund in March, we were able to raise $32,000 and offer financial support to more than 130 people, averaging $250 in support. More than 290 people contributed to this fund!

Rinku Sen recently wrote a piece about the importance of mutual aid and exemplifies why this work is so important:

"But especially in times when the state dramatically fails to deliver what people need, mutual aid is a powerful way, sometimes even the only way, to help people manage daily life while sustaining their spirits in the struggle for systemic change. Organizing requires courage; courage comes from community. Mutual aid fuels the audacity to demand more because it reinforces that we are not alone in our suffering."

As we close this fund we want thank all of you for supporting our community of people in nyc impacted by incarceration. We are grateful.


The Financial Solidarity for Formerly Incarcerated People and Their Families Mutual Aid Project was created by NYC organizers to offer a simple way for people in the NYC area to support each other during this crisis.  We hope this project will provide material to support those who have been incarcerated and their families, and who now have been impacted by Covid-19 and are in need of financial support.


We learned from organizers like Mariame Kaba, Dean Spade, Kelly Hayes and Delia Gando about mutual aid and are thankful for their leadership and examples of how to do this.  We encourage others to start projects like this in their own cities and communities.  


Here’s how you can use this project:


Are you directly-impacted by incarceration and enduring financial strife during this crisis? 

Fill out this form to post a request.


Are you able to contribute funds? Please use this link []. If you are financially secure and want to support someone whose livelihood has been impacted by this crisis, please donate.

 We hope to be able to offer financial aid up to $250 USD per request. We will distribute funds on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Keep in mind, we are not sure how many donations we will have or how many people will request aid.  In order to help as many people as possible, please request the smallest amount that would reasonably help you. 

Other Resources for Folks in Need in NYC

NYC COVID-19 Support 
(live document of resources in NYC around COVID19 put together by The New York State Youth Leadership Council)

Community Care Queer & Trans Resources
(Queer Mutual Aid and Survival)

Harriet's Tracks COVID-19 Resources NYC

(resources to support people’s well-being and encourage collective action)

Campaigns to Get People out of Prison and Jails, and staying Connected while Inside in NYC and NYS

Release Aging People in Prison Campaign (Emergency Clemency Work) 

Worth Rises

(Keeping people connected inside)


(Closing Rikers and Getting Everyone Out) 


(No roll backs on bail reform)


(A Political Education Resource Curated by the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP))

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